About us

Location Marketing is a European-based consultancy firm offering a comprehensive range of services across a number of languages to those looking to target new international markets in search of foreign direct investment projects and trade opportunities.

Our clients include

  • National and local investment and trade promotion agencies
  • Government ministries
  • Local or regional government structures
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Individual companies

Territorial Marketing

What is it ?

Territorial marketing is about creating a marketing strategy for a place rather than a product. It can be used to attract economic investment, tourists or residents into a city or region.

Edito by Location Marketing

Content development isn’t just about producing copy, it is about researching, producing, and publishing information that helps you to connect to your audience. More and more companies and locations are turning to content marketing to increase their visibility, build relationships and achieve their goals. EDITO is our in-house service designed to help you maximise your web presence with engaging content.