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The Gers: Le business est dans le pré

The Gers hit the news this summer just about the same time as a private plane carrying Prince William, Princess Kate and their children hit the tarmac at an airport few of us knew existed.  They had decided to holiday in the Gers.

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Toulouse: France's best kept secret

Within my role as delegate for the Franco-British Chamber in Toulouse, I was asked to write a piece recently for an English publication about "la ville rose" and also my personal story that brought me to the South West of France.  Here's what I had to say ...

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So is the party over?

This article represents my personal views on Brexit and is in no way representative of any clients represented by Location Marketing. It has taken me some time to be able to sit down and write this post. I think I am going through the 7 stages of grief, but jumped straight from shock and disbelief to anger, and then just stayed there. 

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Why on earth are you going to Amiens?

And so why was I going to Amiens for the first time in my 11 years of residence in France? Well, it was nothing to do with the recent Franco-British summit. Despite my genuine fondness and interest for all things Franco-British, I really am not that important. 

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