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Global Inward Investment Network

This network brings together some of the world’s most experienced Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) professionals from around the world.

We work in partnership as and when our individual clients require additional global reach. The relationships between our professionals have been built over the last 15 years and provide our clients with a guarantee of the highest possible levels of quality service.

  • Adam Breeze
  • Robbie Beak
  • Jim Podolak
  • Thomas Klement
  • Richard Todd
  • Adam Breeze

    Adam Breeze

    Breeze Strategy (UK) 

    Adam Breeze is based in Manchester, UK, and has helped hundreds of companies to establish new facilities around the world and has advised national government agencies and local inward investment teams for more than twenty years.

    His corporate clients range from tech start-ups to multinational companies like Pfizer and Marks & Spencer. Adam has advised locations including London, Manchester, Cambridge, Berlin, Bavaria, Ontario, North Carolina, Stockholm, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham and Bristol.

  • Robbie Beak

    Robbie Beak

    Heart of England Partnering (UK)

    Robbie Beak is based in the UK. Over the last 15 years Robbie has advised over 1000 organisations helping them with sourcing information on fundraising, governance, internationalisation and market opportunities.

    Robbie works in a consulting capacity with small and large businesses across a range of sectors. He is presently engaged by the Government of Ontario in Canada as an FDI representative and has also previously worked for UK Trade and Investment and one of the UK government’s regional development agencies.

  • Jim Podolak

    Jim Podolak

    JWP Strategy (Canada)

    Based in Canada, Jim Podolak is President of JWP Strategy International Ltd. and a founding partner of the OSA Strategy economic development group.  For more than three decades, he has advised and assisted investment promotion agencies, trade organizations and economic development authorities around the world.  

    On behalf of his clients, he plays a key role in securing new investment for their regions, retaining and expanding their existing businesses, and increasing their profile in the international market.

  • Thomas Klement

    Thomas Klement

    Marketing Services Thomas Klement (Germany)

    Thomas Klement is based in Germany. He started his career working in sales roles for a number of German industrial companies covering European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

    As an independent consultant, Thomas has worked with a number of companies looking to enter the German market, as well as helping German companies to develop overseas. Before setting up his own business, Thomas also worked for one of France’s economic development agencies, Moselle Développement, managing their German office.

  • Richard Todd

    Richard Todd

    JWP Strategy (Germany)

    Richard Todd, based in Düsseldorf Germany, has 20 years of experience of working in the field of inward investment attraction, both as an employee working for investment promotion agencies (in UK and Canada) and as an external consutlant for clients in Europe and North America.

    Richard has managed numerous FDI lead generation programmes in Germany and Europe and has worked on dozens of successful investment projects across a range of different sectors. Richard has worked on FDI projects for clients in Canada, USA, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Estonia and Lithuania.