Edito by Location Marketing

Edito by Location Marketing

Nowadays, companies and locations alike are investing more and more of their marketing budget in content marketing.  It costs less than traditional marketing and has the power (when done correctly) to offer more tangible returns.

Here at Location Marketing, thanks to 20 years of working across sectors to promote locations and help companies develop their business, we have a broad knowledge of not just how content marketing works, but also the evolutions of different industries and markets.

We are working with more and more clients, who are looking to develop relevant, engaging and regular content by offering them our EDITO service.

  • Are you starting from scratch?
  • Do you may have a content strategy in place and just need help to research and develop relevant and interesting content?
  • Maybe you want to develop and adapt content to a different market?
  • Or are you fazed by doing all this in a non-native language?

Whatever your situation, reach out to us like other clients have. We would be happy to hear from you.