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Lead Generation

Working across four languages, our team possesses extensive experience in lead generation. To identify opportunities within a marketplace, we undertake extensive business intelligence and press monitoring work in order to create databases of prospective companies which have been pre-qualified according to specific criteria. We then contact these companies and access the decision makers

Location Marketing proposes quality results rather than a simple quantity based approach to lead generation. Our approach is not one of telemarketing which relies on cold calling or mass mailing. We take a tailored, well planned and researched approach to ensure a higher level of relevant and valuable results. 

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Ministry of Economic Development
and Growth (MEDG) – Ontario, Canada

Location Marketing worked for over 5 years for the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth (MEDG) in Ontario, Canada, providing them with representational and lead generation services in France and other European French-speaking markets. During this time we worked with a steady pipeline of French, Belgian and Swiss companies with North American development plans and were successful in creating a large number of new jobs in the Province.

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We started talking to MEDG back in 2015 via Louise Gibbons, their in-market consultant based in Toulouse, France and are subsequently working with investment and sector specialists inside the Ministry in Toronto. This is really helping us to move our business forward and we would encourage any French company to use these services if they are considering setting up in Canada.

Arnaud Grienay, Business Development Manager, AKKA Technologies.

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